SigMa presents Educational Demos the first Saturday of the month at 5pm on the second floor of the Green Lantern.


Upcoming Demos:

Saturday, June 1st: Flogging 101

This will be a 101 level class aimed at those who are new to the magic of the flogger as well as those who have been floggers for some time. We will cover safety during play, the anatomy of floggers, types of floggers, and different throwing techniques

Extremetop, his boy Chris, and his slave Nope will review floggers and not only give you the opportunity to learn how to flog but also flog someone (with the floggee giving you feedback on how well you flog).

The goal will be for everyone to learn basic practical techniques, practice during the workshop, and take home the knowledge of how to play confidently and safely. The demonstrations will accompanied by ongoing explanation and you’ll have guided practice time as well. [Nope, a great bottom, and Jim are our two bottoms who love to be flogged.]

Additionally, if you want to feel how it is to be flogged – this will be your opportunity as well. Experienced tops will be on hand to give you a little – to your comfort level.

Experienced tops are welcome to come support the presenters during the practice portion.


Saturday, July 13th: Electro

In July we’ll do Electro – both Violet Wand and Tens Units (boxes). We’ll have enough equipment so that you can try/experiment with electro yourself as well as learn how to do it safely.

If you own a violet wand and/or a box (new or older model) please bring them and we will endeavor to help you put some more spark in your play. This class will be for those exploring Electro as well as players.

Due to the July 4th weekend, this demo will be July 13.


SigMa’s demos are always free and open to all. The Green Lantern opens at 4pm and the educational demo starts at 5pm – on the second floor.

SigMa’s Educational Demos emphasizes the "adult" in Adult Education, presenting topics on sexuality and kink in a mature and respectful (but still good-humored and entertaining) manner. These Educational Demos are presented for you. If there is an activity that you’d like us to do, please email pete.delate@outlook.com and tell us what you’d like us to present.

For other leather and kink events in the DMV check out the DMV Kink Link tab here or co directly to DMVKinkLink.com.