SigMa is Temporarily Closed

  • Due to COVID-19 concerns and government guidelines, SigMa is closed.  If you have any questions you may email the board at board@sigmadc.org.
  • During this time SigMa is relying on it’s members and donations to continue functioning. Our dungeon parties are one of our primary sources of income, and they can’t happen for the time being. If you enjoy SigMa and want to come back and play when the current events have calmed down, then we would greatly appreciate any donations to help keep the doors open!
  • See our donations page at: https://www.sigmadc.org/donate/

What is SigMa?

  • SigMa is a male BDSM-Kink-Fetish co-op operating within the District of Columbia. Must be 18+ to attend events, and 21+ to become a member.
  • SigMa operates as a 501-C7 non-profit with the mission of education, socialization, networking, and providing a safe clean environment for men to explore and practice BDSM, kinks, and fetishes.
  • SigMa relies on donations, dungeon party admission, fundraisers, and membership fees to keep its doors open.


What’s inside SigMa?