SigMa presents Educational Demos the first Saturday of the month at 5pm on the second floor of the Green Lantern.Upcoming Demos:
Saturday, February 3rd: Tactile Play – With and Without Pervertables.

Tactile play can be the prelude to more active play or an activity all
in itself. Tactile play typically involves inducing endorphins in the
sub which in turn stimulates him – and hopefully the top.
A pervertable is a common object that can be adapted for sexual play.

Saturday, March 2nd: TBD

Saturday, April 6th: Rope Bondage

Whitney returns with more rope bondage. Participants will have a hands-on opportunity to learn how to tie someone up/down.

SigMa’s demos are always free and open to all.
The Green Lantern (1335 Green Court, NW Washington, DC) opens at 4pm and the educational demo starts at 5pm.

These Educational Demos are presented for you. If there is an activity that you’d like us to do, please email pete.delate@outlook.com and tell us what you’d like us to present.

For other leather and kink events in the DMV check out the DMV Kink Link tab here or co directly to DMVKinkLink.com.