Prior to attending your first play party, you are welcome to email us at, to ask questions or talk about concerns you may have.

1636 R Street NW, Washington, DC


SigMa is the ideal place for men who want to safely explore BDSM or kink.   Our rules and polices were created for the safety and well-being of everyone attending our events whether new or experienced.  The age requirement is 21. SigMa does not have a dress code.
 Our Play Space Monitors will be the first men you will meet and they will greet and introduce themselves to you.  As you sign in, tell them you are new (either new to SigMa, BDSM, kink or new to it all). At that point, one of them will show you around and go over the rules and answer any questions you may have. The Monitors understand what it is like to be new and will help you to become at ease and have a great time.   
After you get familiar with the layout, you can change into any gear you brought, remain fully clothed or be nude.  It is totally up to you and your comfort level.   
At a designated time, the Monitors will ask everyone to come to the Lounge area for introductions and go over the rules.  Introductions are a great way to inform people that you are new or whatever level you consider yourself, the type of play you like or interested in, and what you are looking for. You are welcome to watch others engaged in a scene to get an idea of what goes on. You are never obligated to participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable.

After you have decided on someone to engage in play, it is important that you discuss what activities you are comfortable with before playing. This is called "Negotiation". During negotiation, you communicate what you are interested in doing, your limits and expectations. You can always ask the play space monitors for guidance.

The Play Space Monitors will be there to ensure your safety by walking around observing scenes and enforcing the rules and policies of SigMa. They will also be available to talk to or give advise on a scene.