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Dominant Peer Group

Everyone can benefit from a circle of peers.  A place to share, learn, listen and be heard as an equal among equals.  Sigma's Dominant Peer Group is just such a space for men who identify, entirely or partially, as: Dominant, Master, Sir, Daddy, ...

The BDSM community makes a great deal of space for the care and feeding of submissives.  And rightly so.   Dominants, on the other hand, are often left to fend for themselves because they are supposed to entirely self sufficient.  The result is we now have empowered, well adjusted submissives and dominants trying to catch up.

In the journey of self discovery that dominance  offer's, every man confronts his own nature and must find a way to express himself through his actions.  Each journey is unique to the man but the questions are surprisingly similar.  When we come together as a community to share our 
adventures and our struggles, we all learn to be better men and better dominants.

For a bit, stop being a lone wolf.  Set your armor aside.  Come sit in a circle of equals.  Come hang at the Sigma club house on the 4th Saturday of the month from 4 to 6 and discover the power of community to help you on your adventure.

Where: 1636 R Street NW, WDC

1636 R Street NW, Washington DC